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Hello, World!

· 1 min read

After many years of working on apps and websites, I had accumulated tons of notes about various nuances of software engineering. This job involves a constant learning process, and I wrote each line thinking about my own reference in the future. Whenever I created a simple shell script that could be reused in a later opportunity, or found a way to solve a specific problem, I put it in a note-taking app — a sort of personal gists.

It happens that, in the end, I never got back to most of them — and most likely I never will. First, because the very act of writing makes something stick to your memory. But it’s not the only factor that holds me from resorting to my carefully organized notes.

I always have a browser window open. Most of the time I’m looking for information on Stack Overflow, GitHub issues, Reddit, Medium, or DEV Community posts — i.e. Google. So, after years of senseless writing, I realized that the most logical way to access my personal notes was publishing them to the web.

Not only it would be useful to me, but sharing information can be helpful for everyone. An issue that I struggled to overcome might be the hurdle of another developer right now — and we, as developers, face many of them every day. Clichés aside, the main purpose of this blog is to replace my “Gists” folder in the Notes app. Hopefully, these notes would help someone in the future — who knows, myself.